Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation, and Exploration Economics

Course Description

Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation, and Exploration Economics

The Cannon
1334 Brittmoore Road
Houston, Texas, 77043
United States
September 19 - September 22 8:00AM - 5:00PM (GMT-5)

USD $2,950.00

(NOTE: If local Covid-19 recommendations restrict in-person gatherings, this course will be taught virtually. Course instruction may extend into the following week).

Our flagship five (5) day course covers all phases of exploration decision-making, and has been presented hundreds of times worldwide over the past ten years. With a strong practical orientation and abundant use of realistic exercises, we illustrate the applications and mechanics of the various concepts and analytical procedures involved in the evaluation and investment analysis of exploration prospects. Practical application of concepts and methods is demonstrated for participants using real prospects and abundant learning opportunities in which the student can win or lose small amounts of money. Concludes with a comprehensive integrated exercise where up to 36 concessions can be purchased and the prospects assessed are drilled to relate skill and profitability.

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