Unconventional Resource Assessment and Valuation

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Unconventional Resource Assessment and Valuation

Calgary, Alberta, TBD
May 2 - May 5 8:00AM - 5:00PM (GMT-6)

3,097.50 USD $2,782.50 (Early Bird)

Proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test (taken no more than 72 hours before the course start date) is required to attend in-person courses.

This course is focused on effective business decision making in Unconventional Reservoirs. In a realm where we are constantly dealing with limited data, it is critical that we develop the necessary skill sets required to deal with these so-called statistical plays. The course covers the assessment and valuation methods required for the characterization of resource plays from the selection of “sweet spots” to the forecasting of Proved reserves and PUDs using SPEE Monograph 3 methods. The premise for this course is that sound estimation of key engineering, geotechnical, and economic parameters is essential for maximizing profitability. Due to uncertainty and prevailing risks, unconventional resource characterization requires a staged, probabilistic approach conducive to more informed decision-making and portfolio management.

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